Run Hyperlane agents on Kurtosis Cloud

Run Hyperlane agents on Kurtosis Cloud


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With the launch of V3 Hyperlane introduced a one click agent setup feature powered by kurtosis cloud. Users willing to run validators and relayers for their permissionless deployments can now do it on kurtosis cloud.


  • node version 16 or above

  • private keys and address of wallet being used for - deployment , validators, relayers

  • Native tokens in each chain of interest for deployment and relay gas fee

  • Some snacks

Installation and setup

To install the CLI to the global environment of your machine run the following command

npm install -g @hyperlane-xyz/cli
You can skip this section if you have deployed core contracts already


We will now need 2 files

  • agent config file

  • core-deployment file

Find them in the artifacts folder of your deployment environment.

Now run the command

hyperlane deploy kurtosis-agents

This will prompt you to choose agent config file and provide you with a link, Follow the link and if this is the first time you are using kurtosis sign in with google SSO.

The Kurtosis enclave is setup using the metadata of your agent config and a prefilled configuration screen will pop up with all your relayer and validator information. Input your private key used for both relayer and validator.

Example Configuration One

Example Configuration Two

Once configured the click run. This will get the validators up and running. You will be able to see the logs and information of your enclave and the services running. I.e. the validator and relayer.

Testing and verification

Once configured you can send test messages between the relay chains that your relayer is supporting.

In the same environment that you setup the deployment , We use the deployment addresses to send message through mailbox at origin and recieve it at test recipient at the destination.

To do this, run the command

hyperlane send message --origin alfajores --destination basegoerli

This will run a script which sends test message between the deployed chains.

Congratulations you have deployed a hyperlane instance and setup the relay agents for it. Now the messaging API and the other features like warp routes can be integrated to different contracts and will use your mailboxes to send and recieve interchain messages.


Having understood how to deploy and run relayers and validators of hyperlane for any set of chains. We can proceed to understand how it can be integrated to Smart contracts and utilize it for crosschain messaging. To know more you can refer the documentation of hyperlane.

Stay flashy ๐Ÿ’ซ.

For any clarifications you can tag me @muskbuster on discord of hyperlane or twitter